About Us

niggle  n: a worry or annoyance

Something niggling you? Something you should be aware of but can't quite remember?

  • TV won't work so where are the warranty details?
  • Is it time to review your mobile phone contract and handset?
  • Your passport still valid for that trip you just booked?
  • Would a reminder about an expiring warranty help you sort it out before it's too late?

Chris Williamson, founder of Niggle It, has over 20 years local and international experience in financial and retail businesses, as well as being a person who has been niggled with keeping my families show on the road, often making me buy twice when my warranty would have solved the problem. If only I had a personal assistant for my home life to file my receipts and paperwork and remind me! Especially at tax time as it’s easy to miss a few important receipts that would put money back in the bank.

Along with the problem of missing out on warranty claims, I noticed that my friends and business colleagues had difficulty keeping track of all the things they needed to remember on a daily, monthly and annual basis. I realised that if I could remove their doubts about warranties that were expiring and contract deadlines they were missing, my friends and colleagues would have more time for their clients and family.

The absence of a low cost and easy way for individuals or businesses to track and be reminded about time critical deadlines and store electronic copies of key documents was my inspiration for the development of Niggle It.

In collaboration with Craig Stump, a long-time friend who built and designed the site and Louis Madeley, a business leader for over 30 years, we teamed up to develop the Niggle It service.

niggle v: be over-attentive to details
Niggle It is a new online service that helps organise and simplify your life, while helping you to protect your investments and get value from the warranties and services you've paid for.

The Niggle It service is Patent Pending (PCT/AU2010/00719).