Secure online contract and agreement tracking and reminder service.

Track contracts, time critical agreements and anything you'd like to track. Get reminders via email, SMS or Twitter before contracts and agreements need to be renewed.

All your important transactions require some form of documentation or agreement. Niggle It lets you manage all your important and time sensitive documents in one easy and safe location, ensuring that you are in control and protected.

Pretty much everything you do that involves another business or organisation comes complete with paperwork or a contract. Keeping your documents organised can be time consuming and let's face it, boring.

Think about the paperwork related to these parts of your life:

  • Having a roof over your head; Rental agreements, mortgage contracts, service agreements for electricity, water and gas, plus insurance for the building or contents.
  • Communicating and staying connected; Contracts for a landline, internet, mobile phone or personal organiser.
  • Getting around; Car servicing and insurance. Passport, drivers licence and annual train tickets. All need to be renewed, before they expire.

And then there's you and your family. Health insurance, ambulance membership and medical appointments booked well in advance. How many other deadlines do you need to keep track of on a daily, monthly or annual basis?

A timely reminder before a contract or agreement expires gives you the time you need to check the details, know what you are renewing and review alternative providers if you haven't been happy with the price or service.

Niggle It lets you manage all your important and time critical documents in one easy and safe location. With Niggle It reminders you will be in control.

Niggle It. Your online personal assistant to organise and simplify your life.

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