Secure online warranty tracking and reminder service for personal and business warranties.

Secure the value of your purchases. Timely reminders let you use warranties and extended warranties, before they expire.

Think about how many electrical products, appliances, white goods, pieces of furniture, vehicles and other items you own and use regularly. For any product you purchase, the law provides for comprehensive warranty protection. Some products may have multiple warranties, extended warranties and some even have conditional warranties.

When one of these items stops working, maybe your laptop, kettle, microwave, TV, DVD player, camera, MP3 player, your car, your house or something else on the endless list the problems can begin. To make a warranty claim you need to know where to locate the receipt, or a copy, which is essentially your 'proof of purchase'. The receipt should help you with some of the purchase details.

  • the item details
  • place and date of purchase
  • model and serial number
  • warranty period
  • and possibly other information

Where do you look for the warranty paperwork? In that box in the back of the cupboard? In your files? Somewhere else? And how do you start the claim process?

Suddenly the lack of time spent organising your warranties has implications; you're frustrated and wasting time sifting through faded receipts and crumpled warranty cards, only to find documents related to everything you own except the item that's broken!

A warranty or extended warranty has little value if you can't find the paperwork.

Your warranty protects your initial investment and Niggle It offers an easy, hassle-free way to protect and track your warranty.

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