Niggle It Overview

Secure and timely warranty, asset and contract reminder service.

Organise and simplify your life. Use Niggle It's online tracking and timely reminder service for whatever you need tracked. Warranties, assets, mobile phone and broadband contracts, insurance policies, utility agreements, software licences and anything else you want to be reminded about. Yes, we'll track anything! Personal or business.

Back up copy of important documents is available 24/7

Create an electronic copy of your important documents using a scanner or by taking a photo with your digital camera or mobile phone. You can email an attachment to Niggle it to create a Niggle from mobile phones or computers. The Niggle It iPhone App is very capable of conveniently creating Niggles when you're on the go. Then upload the electronic copy to Niggle It. Access it again using any internet connected browser on your phone, home or office computer. Forward receipts or documents by email or print at your convenience. If your originals are ever lost or damaged, you have a back up copy that can be accessed from anywhere with an internet connection, at anytime - 24/7.

How it works

  • Sign up for your free a free account with 5 free Niggles. Or benefit from a full subscription now.
  • Add details of any item you'd like to keep track of.
  • Attach a scan or photograph of your receipts and proof of purchase via our iPhone App, Email or even at your desktop a scanner or a digital scanner.
  • Add other important documents like the warranty card, instruction manual and agreement
  • File the originals away somewhere dark as you may not need them again.
  • Get full value for what you've paid for. Niggle It gives easy access to the paperwork you need to submit warranty claims, renew contracts and make timely decisions about ongoing agreements.

Niggle It's guarantee

  • Your information is private and secure.
  • You can access your information 24/7 from anywhere with an internet connection.
  • Your personal information will never be shared with a third party.

What would you like to keep track of?

Niggle It helps you keep control of all date critical items, giving you a timely reminder so you can take the required action, before it's too late!

If you need to make a claim, Niggle It gives you easy access to your warranty information. We keep track of warranties and extended warranties for all your electrical products, appliances, white goods, furniture and any other items. Read more.

Personal Contract and Agreements
Timely reminders sent by Niggle It before your contracts and agreements expire give you time to check what you are renewing and seek alternative providers, who can potentially save you money and provide you with better service. Keep your mobile phones, loans, utilities, insurance policies and other long-term agreements organised. Read more.

Personal and Business Assets
Niggle It allows you to focus on home life, or running your business, because we focus on keeping track of your documentation. Manage your assets, service provider contracts and time critical agreements like trademarks, domain names and business registrations. Read more.

Niggle It. Your online personal assistant to organise and simplify your business.

Sign up now for a free account and try Niggle It, your timely warranty, asset and contract reminder service.