Mobile Phone Contracts - Waiting too long

My wife really wanted an updated mobile phone handset and less expensive call rates, but we thought her phone was still under contract. When we finally checked we found it had been expired for three months!

The Situation

Mobile Phone ContractsMy wife entered into a 24 month mobile phone contract. After about 15 months she was already looking at a new updated handset and wondering when her contract expired.  She wanted to get a new contract with the new handset and better call rates as soon as possible.

Unable to find a copy of the contract we took a guess at the expiry date, thinking that it was valid for a few more months. 

Eventually we called the phone company to check and found that the contract had expired three months ago.  To say the least, my wife was not happy that she’d waited three months longer than necessary to get lower call costs and the new handset she’d been coveting.

The Cost

- Potential cost of staying under old contract (3 Months x 79) = $237

+ living with an outdated mobile phone when I could of had the lastest phone and applications.

The Niggle It Solution

We have Niggled the new phone, the contract and accessories so now Niggle It will remind us to explore supplier and handset options 2-3 months before the contract expires, so we get the best deal at the right time.

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