Expired Drivers Licence - Unlimited liability without knowing

I inadvertently put myself at huge risk while travelling overseas by not realising that my driver’s licence had expired, which meant my expensive insurance was void.

The Situation

Drivers LicenceWhile travelling overseas, I did not realise that my driver's licence had expired. If I'd had an accident while my licence was lapsed, my personal liabilities and insurance cover would be void, even though the costly premiums were fully paid in advance on third party insurance and comprehensive insurance.

By not renewing my licence, I’d put myself at risk, other drivers at risk and also wasted money on insurance premiums. Insurance I could not use if I really had too.

The Cost


- My fully paid insurance premiums that were void                $1,455

- Cost of an accident, fine and liabilities                                 $ unlimited liability

- Total saving could have been                        $1,455+

The Niggle It Solution

By Niggling my driver’s licence expiry date, I would have received a timely reminder to renew it. I would never have knowingly thrown away $1,455 on paid insurances and my legal liabilities would have been limited to an excess. I certainly wouldn’t have been exposed to potential foreign fines and criminal charges.

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