Clever Claims - Motor Vehicle Warranty

When a friend had expensive car problems just after their warranty expired, we got our car of the same make checked and got $1100 of repairs done while our warranty was still valid.

The Situation

We bought our family car, a Toyota, brand new following a recommendation from a friend. We were fortunate that the friend who had recommended the car had bought the same car just a few months earlier and hit some expensive repair bills just after the warranty expired.  This prompted us to have our car checked by the NRMA (National Roads and Motorists' Association - N.S.W Australia), before our warranty expired.

The report found several faults with the car that needed immediate attention. The dealership made all the repairs under warranty, saving us more than a thousand dollars in repair bills.

The Cost Avoided

Cost of a repairs if done at the dealership workshop             $1100+

The Niggle It Solution

Niggle It will help remind us to take similar action with our next car, ensuring we get maximum value from our purchase and avoid nasty surprise bills.

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